My fervent prayer is every day I will love Jesus deeper, love His people deeper, and love His calling deeper. Every Day Deeper.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Promised Rest

"Come to Me, all you who are weary
 and burdened, and 
I will give you rest."

Lord, when the worry seems to tug me deep down, keep me focused on You. The worry, it tempts like a rocking chair. I sit and rock, rock, rock and yet I get nowhere. When I rest in my worry I leave exhausted. Help me to not rest in my worry. Remind me how You say "Give Me your burdens" because You want me to find joy in resting in You, not from sitting in my never-ending, soul-sucking worry. Every single one of my hairs is numbered by You because You can be counted on. No longer do I need to worry that I don't have anything figured out because You, my Father, can always be counted on. You give me my strength, You are my portion and my deliverer, I come to you knowing You are the heartbeat of my life.

Daughter, do not be afraid because I love you. The anxiety that makes you weak at the knees and sends quivers in your belly is not from Me. I have given you a spirit of peace and a spirit of joy, abide in this joy. Do you not see how I take care of the birds of the sky, how I cradle them in their nests, and provide them with their food? How much more precious you are in My sight. So do not worry because I provide for you. I delight in taking care of you because you are My creation, the work of my hands and the joy in my heart. Let Me be your daily bread and drink from My overflowing cup of grace, it will never run out on you- I will never run out on you. You are written on my hands, engraven on my heart.